February 2015

Okay, I am celebrating today because I have just hit my writing target for the month! This is very exciting for me because there are still seven days to before the end of the month. This gives me the chance to draw ahead of my actual annual target. This year I have set my target at 200,000 words for the year and so far I have written 32,329 words.

So, I am a happy bunny indeed!

If you have been following my blog, you will have noticed that not all of those words would be on my work in progress, but I have been writing quite a few short stories which have been published here. I would appreciate people giving me some kind of comment, even if it is to tell me that it is rubbish, but, really, any comment is appreciated. Likes or ratings are also appreciated, but I do enjoy reading a good comment.

Facebook likes are also appreciated 🙂 I have managed to clock up 78, which I am very proud of.

So, what about starting by telling me exactly what you want to see on my blog. Short stories/general updates/book review/writing advice, or maybe something entirely different. This is your space as much as it is mine, tell me what you want to see and I will try and make that happen.

You are all amazing, thank you for reading.


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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