Monday journal… 18 January 2016

Okay, it is Monday all over again so it is time to bring you all up to speed in my own little world. My work in progress has not really moved on a lot this week, because I have spent a lot of time wondering just how to go forward with the scene I am [...]

Things I am thankful for… 23 December 2015

This week I have decided to list only one thing. This is because it is the end of the year (I know we have another week to go, so maybe the same thing will happen next week!) Anyway, I just wanted to take this time to say a big thank you to every single one [...]

Monday journal

I actually can't believe that this is the start of another week already. It only seems like yesterday since I was writing last week's journal entry. Well, it is time to get everybody up to speed with what I am doing. I have managed to do quite a bit on my work in progress, and [...]