Monday journal – 23 January 2016

Well here we are on yet another Monday! Happy Monday to you all? How many of you are actually Garfield? I have to say that I am not really one of those people because I think Wednesday is the worst day. Maybe it is the whole getting over the hump of the week, or just [...]

Monday journal… 1 February 2016

Well, here we are at the start of another week, so it is time for that Monday journal. I actually can’t believe that it is another month already, where exactly is the time going? That is shocking stuff! Anyway, my work in progress is marching along quite nicely, with the word count of just over [...]

February 2015

Okay, I am celebrating today because I have just hit my writing target for the month! This is very exciting for me because there are still seven days to before the end of the month. This gives me the chance to draw ahead of my actual annual target. This year I have set my target [...]