TLT: Mafia?

Canals form the streets,Gilded boats carry tourists.Concrete shoes hides some. I wrote this in response to this week's three line tales.

WW – Believe

Matt and Ian were sitting in the pub and discussing a TV show that they had recently watched that dealt with all different religions. “I believe in nothing,” Ian announced as he put down his glass. Matt raised an eyebrow. “I think you mean that you don’t believe in any religion.” “There is nothing I [...]

Tiny Tuesday – Going up

"My feet hurt," Cheryl complained. "How much further?" "We'll be there soon," Daniel replied patiently. "You're the one wearing heels." "Sorry for not expecting to climb a mountain to our holiday home. You bought the house at the top, didn't you?" "It was you who wanted a view." I wrote this in response to fandango's [...]