Monday journal: 22 February 2021

We get a start on yet another week, and again I work on catch-up mode! One day I will get everything worked out, I am sure. Anyway, I got something sent to my writer's group and have got some feedback from it. So far it has all been very positive, and I am thrilled with [...]

Book review: Storm front by Jim Butcher

In this book we follow around a man called Harry Dresden. What makes him stand out from everybody else? Well, he is a wizard, and he makes no secret about it. In fact, he has an advert in the papers under professional wizard, and he is the only one. He will not do parties or [...]

Review: Born in fire – K.F.Breene

The cover description of this book is: Supernatural Bounty Hunter isn’t the sort of thing you see on LinkedIn. But with a rare type of magic like mine, I don’t have many options. So dangerous or not, the job is mine. And it was going fine, until an old as sin vampire stole my mark, [...]