SPF: The sculpture

There was one of those human sculptures in the local park. My partner, Michael, thought it would be funny to make them break out of character if it was only for a moment. It would be my job to video everything so that Michael could find himself an overnight sensation on the Internet. I got [...]

SPF: Deal too far

Photo courtesy of Morguefile “Honey, you went believe the deal I’ve found down at the scrapheap!” William was brimming over with excitement as he rushed through the door. “Where are you?” There was a sigh as his wife lifted herself from the couch. “Coming.” She shuffled her heavily pregnant form down the hallway. He propelled her [...]

SPF: Perfection

Photo courtesy of Morguefile Melissa looked down at the keys resting in her palm before looking up again at the cottage. Was she dreaming again? It did not seem like it was happening. “Seriously?” Melissa questioned her husband, Andrew, who was standing beside her. “We own this?” He hesitated then. This was not the enthusiastic response [...]

SPF: Mysterious one

The girl, dressed in rags with short sooty wings, just sat on the log staring straight ahead of her. Nobody had noticed her arrival and so she had been there some time before somebody rushed over with a blanket to throw around her. “Are you okay?” She seemed surprised to see other people present. “I [...]

SPF: not all is what it seems

As the boat rounded the corner the tourists gave a cry of both surprise and pure horror. It looked like the scene of a tragic accident. The driver, however, didn't have a reaction but remained impressive as it was something he saw daily. “Relax. Nobody died here, and there’s no danger. The boats were old, [...]