Things I am thankful for… 23 March 2016

Here is a bit of midweek positivity with my gratitude journal. I think we could all do with something positive after the events of yesterday. So, here is my list of five things for the week: Writing. This has to be my form of escapism. For a moment, I am completely submerged to my characters [...]

Things I am thankful for… 9 March 2016

Here is my list of five things from my piece of midweek positivity: Writing. I cannot tell you how happy I am to get back into the swing of writing once again. I have really enjoyed doing the challenges and have been really busy planning my climax for my work in progress. I have even [...]

Things to be thankful for… 3 March 2016

Here is my list of five things for the week.   Writing. I am so happy to get back in the swing when it comes to my writing! I have not yet got onto my work in progress but I have been enjoying doing various bits and pieces since my return from the cruise. Reading. [...]

Things I am thankful for… 20 January 2016

Here is my list of five things for my burst of midweek positivity: Writing. This always seems to be a big part of my week that I am thankful for. I just really enjoy spending the time on my own and being creative. It is just something that I really enjoy doing 🙂 Reading. I [...]

Monday journal… January 4, 2016

It is a Monday once again! Actually the first Monday of a brand-new year, so welcome into 2016 🙂 I am determined that this will be the year that I will find the sort my work in progress out! Speaking of my work in progress, it is still at just about the same spot it was [...]