One-liner Wednesday – 11 December 2019

This was posted for this week's one-liner Wednesday. Enjoy 🙂 This makes me wonder if everyone realises the biggest lie that we tell ourselves day. "There is no need to write that down, I will remember it."

WW: world destroyed

When she first heard the news, the glass she was holding slipped from my fingers and shattered on the tiled surface of the kitchen floor. It might as well have been some kind of metaphor for what she actually felt. Her eyes remained fixed on the television and the news of an explosion in the [...]

SPF: Frogs!

Photo courtesy of Paul Howell (Mystery writer Betty Webb‘s husband) Mike was already in a bad mood when he answered the phone to Eric that morning. The pair of them had quite the session the night before and he was very hung over. “What did you want?” “I didn’t know who else to call. I find [...]