Monday journal – 23 November 2020

Welcome to the start of yet another week of this very interesting year! If somebody had told you at the end of last year what would wait for you this year, then you would have never believed them! Now, if we are nearly at the end of it… And it can't end soon enough. On [...]

Sunday photo fiction: Alphabet

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Tom wanted his daughter to share his love of reading, so he started her at an early age by trying to teach her the alphabet. He grasped at every single opportunity to do so and one day while he was at the beach with his daughter he found another chance.Using [...]

WW/FFFC: Moving on

The young girl set down her suitcase before glancing back at the way she had walked. It was time to move on a all busted nd the only thing left to do was deciding where she was going to go. Pulling down the balloons, she studied them. No, this solar system bored her. "Bye," whispered [...]