Share your world – 15 October 2019

This is not my usual type of post, as I keep my personal life to myself, but then these questions are not too deeply probing and the interest me. Also, I have gone from a normal day of writing to write a short story about spiders! (Don’t even ask!) So, I have taken part in this [...]

A question for everybody about style

I came across this video when I was looking through YouTube. It has a very interesting point of view about the first-person narrative. As you have probably noticed, this is my favourite point of view for narrating a story. Which style do you prefer when writing or even reading a story? Why is that? There is no [...]

Quick question

I didn't get any feedback on my writing about Alice. Did it not come across very well? Is something I need to work on? Somebody tell me something! Don't be afraid to give me any negative feedback, I want to be able to improve my work and listening to critics is a good start 🙂

Rant: WordPress

I am less than amused. They wait until I get a website to go along with the previously free blog, and then they go and update. (To be fair, this update has been available for quite some time but I have just been forced into it). I thought this is going to make everything a [...]