Song lyric Sunday: Brother/Sister/Sibling

This week's song lyric Sunday is all about family. While not every family member is included, it specifically means brothers sisters, or siblings. There are many bands that involve brothers or sisters (or even wives pretending to be sisters!) And I could have included any of them for this prompt. However, I am going to [...]

Sunday photo fiction: The unusual place

Photo courtesy of Tony knew this place as the train graveyard. The place where they bought railway carriages to die. It seemed odd to just leave these things in the middle of nowhere rather than destroy them. He explored it one day so he could write about it as an unusual destination. What he found [...]

Song lyric Sunday – Canada

Happy weekend!For this week's song lyric Sunday, they have given us the prompt of Canada/Canadian.Now, you say the word Canadian to me and the only thing that comes into my head is Nickelback. (I know there are a lot more Canadian artists, but they are the one that arrive in the front of my brain!)So, [...]

Song lyrics Sunday: Musicals

For this week's song lyrics Sunday we are showing off music that was used in musicals or operas.I have chosen to use the song one night in Bangkok from the musical chess.This is one by favourite musicals, and I actually had the pleasure of seeing it for the first time in London last year with [...]