Writing Wednesday: Organised chaos

The writing life,Trying to form the perfect plot.Organised chaos. I wrote this inspired by this week's writing Wednesday


I have just got a new computer and finally installed most of my things on it. The main issue I had was with Dragon dictation (and transferring this is a complete nightmare if you ever need to do it, so you have been warned!) This would be easy, they said.This would be fun, they said.They [...]

Still hereā€¦

Sorry for hardly posting this week but I have been fairly busy playing with new toys such as a virtual reality kit and trying out various features on it.In the meantime, I have been high-fiving the entire universe since I found out that good omens is getting a sequel! This is the best news, ever!I [...]

A quick note

Just in case you have been wondering where I am disappeared to during the week, is nothing serious so don't worry.I have been dealing with chronic pain, and it has led to me getting not very much sleep. If I had tried to write anything then it probably wouldn't have made much sense, LOL.Hopefully, this [...]