Still here…

Sorry for hardly posting this week but I have been fairly busy playing with new toys such as a virtual reality kit and trying out various features on it.In the meantime, I have been high-fiving the entire universe since I found out that good omens is getting a sequel! This is the best news, ever!I [...]

A quick note

Just in case you have been wondering where I am disappeared to during the week, is nothing serious so don't worry.I have been dealing with chronic pain, and it has led to me getting not very much sleep. If I had tried to write anything then it probably wouldn't have made much sense, LOL.Hopefully, this [...]

Tiny tale – Gingerbread

The gingerbread man sat in his gingerbread house enjoying the bath. The picture on the wall was of himself. Maybe only he shared the belief in himself and the power he could wield. Denial meant he was safe from dissolving. I wrote this in response to fandango's flash fiction challenge. (Not sure why my head [...]