I am female, somewhere in my 40s, have a physical disability that means I use Dragon Dictation. The reason this latter fact is in there is that you may become aware of some very strange mistakes in my work. That is if I don’t notice them first, but if I have missed something out then feel free to point out the mistakes to me when you stop laughing 🙂

in the past, I have been lucky enough to get two short stories published in anthologies. One was dedicated to Christmas and is called Tales by the Tree, and the other is dedicated to Halloween and is called Creeps in the night. Both are available on Amazon if you are interested in reading them. (Update: tales by the tree has sadly disappeared from Amazon although I’m not sure why).

In 2019 my short story (a creepy pasta) was read out in the podcast weird darkness which was absolutely fantastic to hear being read. If you check out the “my things” page you will find a link to this episode.

My current project is a longer piece of work about a world of dreams, and the power to create them. I will probably publish parts of this when I start to go through it, and it is readable to fellow humans! Yes, I have to eradicate those Dragon Dictation mistakes first!

I will also put up some short stories, book reviews, things which made me think, or random ideas. So feel free to have a good browse around my work and to give me any kind of comment. (Really, I love feedback)

Keep on reading, or writing, or whatever it is you do every single day 🙂


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    1. The new version of Dragon (thirteen) involves no training whatsoever, which is nothing short of a bonus! It’s actually recognise it what you are telling it quite well, and only makes mistakes some of the time rather than every other minute! (Of course, it still makes the occasional mistake and you have the pleasure of trying to find it in your work… Usually after you have published it on a blog!)

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