SPF: Brass doors

219 12 December 3rd 2017

Today marked our 15th anniversary of the day we had opened as a hotel. I remember the day when my dreams came true, and I got to open those brass doors for the first time. We were full on that day and, with the constant stream of phone calls, this looked like it was the theme of what was to come.

Sadly, other people had begun to copy my idea, and within years this strip of seafront was covered in new, bigger, and more popular hotels. So we watched our regular crowds disappear, and the most painful thing was that we often saw the same people emerging from different doors along our small land strip.

The mountain behind and the sea in front thankfully stopped the building of even more hotels in this once quiet and idyllic spot.

I have never been one to stand in the way of progress, but this seemed to be an unfair encroachment on what I had once visualised as a luxury holiday. You see, somebody could only get here by yacht, so the promise of a more luxurious hotel was a winner.

With a heavy heart, I closed my doors for the last time.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


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