SPF: Frogs!

Photo courtesy of Paul Howell (Mystery writer Betty Webb‘s husband) Mike was already in a bad mood when he answered the phone to Eric that morning. The pair of them had quite the session the night before and he was very hung over. “What did you want?” “I didn’t know who else to call. I find [...]

SPF: A strange reading

Our neighbours andPhoto courtesy of Wendy Van Hove, writer [ Roadside Wonders ] We finished setting up all the stands for gathered around the campfire to welcome everyone old and new. When I looked around, I could only see one new arrival, which was a young girl sitting a small way from the group. Not wanting to seem [...]

SPF: Display

“That’s very unusual, Cathy,” Lisa said as she indicated that jar on the table. “We only put the clocks back to show the start of wintertime and you have found sunflowers for the table.” “It has not been a normal year, so I just figured they would be a good addition.” Lisa nodded her approval. “I [...]

SPF: Chance sighting

Written for Sunday photo fiction Photo courtesy of David Meredith, photographer “Daniel!” I yelled for my husband as I held the newspaper in it. " I can't believe it." “Can’t believe what, honey?” “Remember all of those times I told you about my childhood house? How I always wondered what happened to it?” “You tell me every day, dearest.” [...]

SPF: Bad day

  I hoped there would be no other day like the morning I woke up in a foreign land only to discover I no longer had a job. No amount of training would have helped on that day in the resort as the customers also realised someone stranded them. They were understandably angry as there [...]