#FFFC: Hide and seek

When we were moving house, I discovered a box of old negatives. I held them up the light in curiosity and found the pictures of me and my sister playing hide and seek from years ago. I smiled at the memory of the younger girl running up to me desperate to play. I agreed and [...]

SPF – The vanishing

Photo Credit MorguefilePhoto Credit Morguefile The policeman walked away from the table, thoughtfully scratching his chin. This was like an old case. Too similar. Even the note in the book was the same. “12:45 PM – Mr Kipper” So many years later and the case had gone cold. It was probable that the girl they [...]

SPF: Never trust a drinking buddy

Photo courtesy of DB McNicol, author Tony came flying into the room, where the great deal of excitement. “I have won a boat, and they told me they will name it after me!” “I don’t remember you entering a competition,” said the ever sceptical wife as she turned to face him. “Who are they?” “Andy told [...]