#FFFC: Teddy bears picnic

Written for fandango’s flash fiction challenge


“Isn’t this just perfect?” Teddy bear complained after being positioned on the chair. “This is supposed to be a teddy bears picnic, and here I am, on the stupidly high chair that I am with two others. I can’t reach the food, what is the point of being here at all?”

“Quit your complaining,” the other bear muttered.

“Look, we are here because Sophie has declared we should be.” The dog frowned as he gave a quick glance behind him. “It doesn’t matter that she didn’t have smaller chairs because she has chosen us to come outside. She loves us.”


Friday fictioneers: The latest moneymaking scheme

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Daphne and Phil were a crafty pair of adults. Well, the term adults was very loosely based around those two. They had focused on the nearby playground where they would have some fun.

The place was a strange one because they had set a floodlight up to light a game. However, the picnic table meant that the game could never take place there, so the reason it was lit up at night was a mystery.

The two scrawled their names in chalk and set up a bar nearby. All welcome the sign promised. They waited for customers to bring money.

Written for Friday fictioneers.

Twittering tales: By the roadside


Photo by David Cardinez@pixabay.com

“Daddy, what’s that?”

“Dangerous son, stay out of sight… Wait, where are you going?”

The bigger bear could only look on as his cub walked out the bush and up to the metal thing.

The humans inside reacted by screaming.

Daddy bear smiled, “at least they weren’t hunters!”


Character count: 264

Written for Twittering Tales

#FFFC: Grand Designs


He removed the blindfold from his wife’s eyes and waited for her response with a big smile on his face.

Emily stared around the room with a growing sense of panic. “This is what you brought? With our life savings? Have you completely lost your mind?”

Andy put his head in his hands, his smile faded. “I thought you would share my vision. There is so much potential in this building, especially in this room. I imagine it as a long dining room surrounded by all of this glass and a spectacular view.”

She blew out a breath. “I suppose we could make it a restaurant.”

Smiling again Andy grabbed her hand. “As soon as the purchase went through, I started drawing up plans of what we could do. I will show them to you and together we will turn dreams into reality.”

“You will be the death of me.”

Written for fandango’s flash fiction challenge

Carrot ranch September 27, 2019: Forgotten

It was just another Monday morning when I went into work as usual. I went to walk past the receptionist, Donna, into the offices at the back of the building. She was up instantly and blocked my way. “You can’t go in there, Sir.”


“That is for staff only.”

“Donna, are you feeling okay? It is me, Martin Lindel, I have been working here for years.”

“You should impersonate somebody else.”

“I am not impersonating anyone. Look, I can prove this.” I reached into my pocket but could not find my badge.

“Never impersonate the dead. Security, trespasser!”

Written for carrot ranch.