FFFC/MMA Storytime: Doing what you’re told

I was sitting innocently at my work desk when my mother appeared through the doorway. Whatever she was about to say to me dissipated on her tongue as she glanced around the room.“What is that?”Following the pointing finger, I looked at the skull. “What it looks like.”“Is it real? I want nothing like that in [...]

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Just another day

It was just another day in the Prairie. Bison were quietly grazing on the gently waving grass and everything was calm and still.Suddenly, chaos erupted as a pride of lions erupted from the grass to begin their hunt. Bison scattered in a cacophony of sounds. In a tangle of limbs, everything was all over as [...]

FFFC/WW: The moment

Michelle took a deep breath and let her fingers run down the front of her dress. Has studies had got her to this point. Well, more than that, it was studying, determination, and focus. There was no way she would have got here otherwise.The music played, and she let her mind drift into the routine [...]

Writing Wednesday: 30 December 2020

Hello, and welcome to my challenge. Writing Wednesdays is open to anybody, and they can write whatever they like. Longer fiction, short stories, flash fiction, micro fiction, or poetry, it’s all good 🙂 If you would like to participate, please give me a ping back so anybody can look at what you have put up! [...]

Tiny tales: Join the fun

Party season is in full swing, but coronavirus has forced everybody into separation. This doesn't mean there is a reason to be down in the dumps because all you have to do is look out the window and watch everyone partying alone but together. I wrote this inspired by this week's fandango's flash fictions challenge.