Twittering tales: Even the dead need entertaining

  It had been way too long since one of the living had ventured anywhere close to me. The other ghosts in this graveyard weren’t stimulating conversation. I couldn’t believe some jackass took my life so I couldn’t move on. Wait, it’s Halloween, trick or treaters to have fun with. Character count: 279 written for [...]


SPF: Display

“That’s very unusual, Cathy,” Lisa said as she indicated that jar on the table. “We only put the clocks back to show the start of wintertime and you have found sunflowers for the table.” “It has not been a normal year, so I just figured they would be a good addition.” Lisa nodded her approval. “I [...]

Weekend writing prompt – Twilight

Written for the weekend writing prompt. Weekend writing prompt It is annoying that the word twilight will forever make you think of those terrible films. Pity really, the books were very different and did not make Bella as whining as she is in the film. Never mind. That’s the way adaptations work.

WW: hauntingly beautiful

I got called hauntingly beautiful once. I smiled and laughed, but I never gave it any thought for a very long time. By then it was much too late. I am thinking the stranger calling me that was passing on a curse. Now, I am stuck forever in this place where I died. I can’t leave and move [...]