SPF: Oh captain

214 10 October 15th 2017

I love my job. I was the captain on one of those posh cruises that you knew people had spent thousands on. Everybody wanted my attention whenever they saw me on board and would clamour to get those souvenir photos.

The evening meals were entertaining because I got to pick the people at random to let sit at my table. I used to watch with ever-growing amusement at the people vying for my attention.

My favourite parts were the announcements I made to the entire boat every evening. I knew that people were going to listen intently to every word that I said but I also knew that they would understand none of it. The degrees and the latitude meant absolutely nothing to those people who were just passengers and not members of the crew.

Tonight there was something different about what I had to say. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are travelling at…” I paused for dramatic effect. “What do you mean we are sinking?”

The screams and panic of all the people as they ran towards the lifeboats made me chuckle. Like I said, I love my job! Saying that though, this was probably my last day.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


8 thoughts on “SPF: Oh captain

  1. Amusing story. On all the cruises I have been on, I could never understand a word the Captain said because of his think Italian accent. He could very well say .”abandon ship” and I would never have known.


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