FFfAW: Understanding


This week’s photo prompt is provided by momtheobscure. Thank you momtheobscure!


“What do you think it’s supposed to represent?”

He looked at her, not quite believing what she’d said. He turned his attention back towards the figure carved out in the stone. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Her face puckered into a frown as she shielded her eyes and squinted up at the figure. “Not really.”

“It’s showing all of the backbreaking work that the slaves had to endure.”

Still not understanding, she gave her boyfriend a shrug. “If that is true why would they waste their precious time making that?”

Bob just rolled his eyes. It was a good job that Sandra was pretty.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

22 thoughts on “FFfAW: Understanding

  1. Some people look at art, including statues and things from the past not in museums, and they can’t see what’s behind it. Sometimes like this girl, they lack depth. Kind of feel sorry for her, it’s not very nice to only be of value to your boyfriend for your looks. But maybe, she doesn’t realize that either. Great write Angie.

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    1. When I wrote it I did not think that she would know about the fact he was taking her because she was pretty. I wonder thought she knows that she does not have any depth about her. Thanks for reading.

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