Story a day: day four


Here we go with day four of the story a day challenge.

There is only one prompt day and it is very vague. No doubt lots of people will be coming up with different things to go with this prompt. Here it is:

Some people love first person some people hate it. Either way you’re using it today.

The Prompt

Write a story in the first person

There is nothing about length or even the subject to write about. Now, if anybody has ever read my work then you will know that I love writing in the first person. It wouldn’t really be a challenge for me to do anything in the first person, so to make it a challenge I thought I would try and write a scene that is in the present tense as I normally write in the past tense.

I have also decided to try a section of my work in progress (Dreamweaver) to see if it will work in that kind of tense. (This is only part of the chapter because I thought the whole thing would be a long to post but I am open to comments!)



There was nothing but darkness surrounding me so I could not make any judgement about where I was, or why I was there. I flapped my wings and felt the feathers brushed against the skin my neck. As the breeze that that had caused whirled around me I noticed the light begin to change. It was very strange for me to witness this because it looked like the building of a dreamscape. As far as I was aware the dream that I was in had come to an abrupt ending in which everybody had been thrown out. The place I was expecting to be was back within the spirit world where I would be debriefed by my mentor, Marcus.

I found myself watching in fascination as everything around me began to take shape. The first thing that I noticed was the feeling of comfort beneath my feet. I realised that I could actually feel the carpet moulding itself around my feet. It was a pleasant sensation and so I felt myself wriggling my toes to prolong the feeling. It certainly wasn’t anything I was used to as there was nothing beneath our feet in the spirit world.

All of a sudden there was light and I was looking at a bedroom that was furnished in a nice pastel blue along with white. I placed a hand on the solid wood of a bedside table as I was trying to gather my bearings.

The first thing that I noticed was that there was no door for people to get in there, and there were also no windows. My brow puckered in complete confusion as I came to the conclusion that I was standing in another dream. Obviously, I had read about dreams within dreams but I never expected to actually witness one. Well, I wasn’t really witnessing one because I was a part of it instead.

Belatedly I noticed that I was not alone in the room. There was the figure of a man lounging in the chair in front of me. I knew that he had to be the Dream Walker responsible for the situation that I was in. Only, what was it that I was in?

“Who are you?”

He raised an eyebrow. “I would have thought the better question would be where are you. But, since you do not seem bothered by what your location is, I will answer that question you asked. My name is Warren Forbes, but I very much doubt that you have heard of me.”

He was certainly right in that guess because I had no clue who he was from that name alone. He folding my arms and tried to beat those wings behind me to make the dream fall apart. Nothing happened and Warren laughed. This only resulted in me beating my own wings faster in the expectation that I would return to the spirit world.

“In case you haven’t worked it out by now, those wings of yours are useless. I am enjoying the experience of being able to talk to a Dream Guardian who is powerless against me.”

“I don’t understand…” I managed to utter as I was short of breath after beating my wings.

Warren smirked. “My dear boy, this is your dream and that is why you are unable to break free.”

My own body reacted as though it had been run over by a snowman. I started shivering uncontrollably as I stared at Warren with a growing sense of dread. “That’s impossible.”

“And yet here you are.”

5 thoughts on “Story a day: day four

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, it probably does put someone right at the centre of the story, I shall make you think about using it more often! I hope you are having fun with the challenge 🙂

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    1. This is actually a part of my work in progress although my work in progress is told in the third person. This was just an experiment to see if I could convert it to the first person for part of the story a day challenge. I actually think it worked well! Thanks for reading.

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