TLT: Cinderella

Each year, the same thing,Woman in ballgown, no shoes.Mistake? It was noon. I wrote this inspired by this week's three line tales.

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Doing what you’re told

I was sitting innocently at my work desk when my mother appeared through the doorway. Whatever she was about to say to me dissipated on her tongue as she glanced around the room.“What is that?”Following the pointing finger, I looked at the skull. “What it looks like.”“Is it real? I want nothing like that in [...]

Tiny tales: Dirty little secret

Alan didn't tell many people what his job was because it made unpopular. Sometimes it had advantages, as people told him things they probably shouldn't. For example, Bill told him about the rat problem in the restaurant, so he didn't need to perform that inspection to fail it. I wrote this inspired by this week's [...]

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Combinations

Nobody, not even Steve, could tell you why he had sat exactly where he did. Maybe it was the element of danger, or maybe it was the mixture of the freedoms of the atmosphere. Air and water in proximity gave an excellent combination of watching cloud formations. Relaxing in that undisturbed place, Steve got the [...]

FFFC: Rituals

It was just another way of acknowledging the past. This had always been her favourite spot, those were always her favourite flower, and he had just sung her favourite song. It was a tradition to celebrate an anniversary. The only thing was, and nobody else knew that it was an anniversary for either her or [...]