Friday fictioneers: Working museum

PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr I loved my job in the working museum. Every day, I got to play dress up as a delivery driver from a time gone by. Then I met a little boy who was curious. I didn’t mind that; it was part of what I did. It was when questions became personal that [...]

WW – Believe

Matt and Ian were sitting in the pub and discussing a TV show that they had recently watched that dealt with all different religions. “I believe in nothing,” Ian announced as he put down his glass. Matt raised an eyebrow. “I think you mean that you don’t believe in any religion.” “There is nothing I [...]

Friday fictioneers: Coded message

PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr Ben returned from the counter. He saw the luminous colour of the Post-it but he could not read it until he put his glasses on. Once he did he became very confused. The words written were “Marx, Highgate.” Why would anybody put that on his book? Was it a code? Should he [...]

Carrot ranch September 12: greatest gift

The greatest gift I ever received came not from anyone else. No, the greatest gift was the boost to my self-confidence when I showed my pictures to someone for the first time. While it wasn’t just someone because my friends had convinced me to put up a gallery as a kind of display of my [...]