SPF: The arrival

Photo courtesy of P. Allman It had been exactly one month since Gerard won the lottery. He had done what you would expect people suddenly gaining money would do. Gerard was now the owner of a very large house next to the water and had even hired servants for himself. Now was a good time to [...]

Friday fictioneers: Coded message

PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr Ben returned from the counter. He saw the luminous colour of the Post-it but he could not read it until he put his glasses on. Once he did he became very confused. The words written were “Marx, Highgate.” Why would anybody put that on his book? Was it a code? Should he [...]

Writing Wednesday: Revolution

It all began so slowly that no one even knew what was going on until it was too late. It started off with extra police because of the rise in violent crime. Of course, the thing that was not reported was the true statistics. It would have shown that there was no rise, the only [...]

Friday fictioneers: the Long Hill

PHOTO PROMPT © Linda Kreger  It was a warm sunny day, and the cousins thought it would be nice to take Granddad out for a stroll. Once he was in the wheelchair they all set off on their walk. When they reached the bottom of the hill it was fair to say that they completely misjudged [...]