Song lyric Sunday: Musical instruments

The theme for this week’s song lyric Sunday definitely made you think. The challenge was to find something mentioning a musical instrument. It tempted me for a while to use run to you by Bryan Adams, but that is about the musical instrument rather than mentioning it. So, instead I have chosen the stone roses with she bangs the drums.

For a bonus, I have also chosen another track. There is my not be the obvious musical instrument, but you can definitely still play them! So, I give you spoon man by the Soundgarden.


6 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: Musical instruments

    1. Yeah, can’t think why that one slipped my mind, LOL! Actually, there was one that sprang to mind with memories of a very drunk dad with a tie tied round his head at several weddings, but I couldn’t remember the name. Thank you for watching and commenting. Click send

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  1. So sad what happened to the Stone Roses, they could have been the darlings of the Manchester movement had they not run into legal troubles with their label. By the time they released their second album in ’94 grunge had take over the alternative scene and time had passed them. So much potential unrealised.

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