Song lyric Sunday: D/J

It is that time of the week, so let's celebrate this Sunday with Sunday song lyrics. This week they have asked us for songs beginning with the letters D or J. Just to get everyone in the mood, I am going to give you two feel good songs for the price of one! So, for [...]

Song lyrics Sunday: circles/polygons/squares/triangle

For this week's song lyrics Sunday, they gave us the prompts of circle/polygon/square/triangle.Triangle might seem like the obvious choice for me as 30 seconds to Mars use a triad for their symbol. Bastille also use a triangle. However, none of the lyrics really represent anything to do with triangles, so I left them alone.Instead, I [...]

Song lyrics Sunday: Ghost/Pumpkin/Trick/Treat/Witch

For this week's song lyric Sunday they have given us the prompt of ghost/pumpkin/trick/treat/witch.Guess what time of year it is?I have gone with ghost and I have chosen the song of ghosts that we know by Mumford and Sons.Enjoy! As a bonus, I have also added the song say you'll haunt me by the [...]

SPF: Leave out all the rest

© J Hardy Carroll He had come to this abandoned building because he needed some privacy. He needed time to think about everything that was going on in his life. He had gone there for peace and quiet but annoyingly the sidewalk was incredibly busy and he was always interrupted. Never one to be stopped [...]