Song lyric Sunday: Mind/Think/Brain

For this week's song lyric Sunday, they have challenged us to find a song about mind/think/brain. My mind went to plenty of songs that would have done well at fitting the theme, but I have chosen virgin state of mind by k's choice because I absolutely love this song.I first discovered it on the Buffy [...]


Song lyric Sunday: Musical instruments

The theme for this week's song lyric Sunday definitely made you think. The challenge was to find something mentioning a musical instrument. It tempted me for a while to use run to you by Bryan Adams, but that is about the musical instrument rather than mentioning it. So, instead I have chosen the stone roses [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Death/Destruction/Pestilence/Famine

Well, it's time again for song lyric Sunday.I don't think they could have chosen a better theme for us considering what is going on in the Ukraine. (I know he chooses them a long way in advance so it is just a fluke that it fits so well.) This week they have given us the [...]