Song lyric Sunday: Endless/eternity/everlasting/forever/omega

What an interesting choice of subjects for this week's song lyric Sunday. I have chosen two different songs because the first one is more of a piece of performed poetry. Not that stone sour normally do poetry but this is what it is.Omega is the final track on the 2002 album and is basically a [...]

Song lyrics Sunday: breeze/cloud/sky/wind

For this week's song lyric Sunday they have asked us to find songs containing the words breeze/cloud/sky/wind. I have chosen breeze and the song breeze blocks by alt j. This is a song about giving everything for the person you love, even if that is a bit too much if they tried to leave.Enjoy!

Song lyrics Sunday: circles/polygons/squares/triangle

For this week's song lyrics Sunday, they gave us the prompts of circle/polygon/square/triangle.Triangle might seem like the obvious choice for me as 30 seconds to Mars use a triad for their symbol. Bastille also use a triangle. However, none of the lyrics really represent anything to do with triangles, so I left them alone.Instead, I [...]