Song lyric Sunday: Mind/Think/Brain

For this week's song lyric Sunday, they have challenged us to find a song about mind/think/brain. My mind went to plenty of songs that would have done well at fitting the theme, but I have chosen virgin state of mind by k's choice because I absolutely love this song.I first discovered it on the Buffy [...]


Song lyric Sunday: Musical instruments

The theme for this week's song lyric Sunday definitely made you think. The challenge was to find something mentioning a musical instrument. It tempted me for a while to use run to you by Bryan Adams, but that is about the musical instrument rather than mentioning it. So, instead I have chosen the stone roses [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Death/Destruction/Pestilence/Famine

Well, it's time again for song lyric Sunday.I don't think they could have chosen a better theme for us considering what is going on in the Ukraine. (I know he chooses them a long way in advance so it is just a fluke that it fits so well.) This week they have given us the [...]

Song lyric Sunday: breakfast/brunch/snacks/supper/dinner

For this week's song lyric Sunday Paula (via Jim) has given us the prompts of breakfast/lunch/brunch/snacks/dinners/supper. Of course, the only thing that popped into my head straightaway was breakfast at Tiffany's but I thought that quite a lot of people would probably end up thinking the same thing!So, I decided to push a little bit [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Brutal/Frenzy/Savage/Violent

For this week's song lyric Sunday Jim has challenged us to find lyrics containing brutal/frenzy/savage/violent. I have chosen the word frenzy and the song may have chosen is by Siouxsie and the Banshees. They called it blow your house down.Enjoy! It is my opinion that this song is about nuclear war - the lyrics [...]