Friday fictioneers: Trouble in the sky

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller

The pilot was in trouble. Something was very wrong, and nothing was responding properly. He had been confident that they would make it to the nearest airport. Now, as they were losing altitude at an alarming rate, his confidence was dissipating.

Sadly, he picked up his radio. “Brace for an emergency landing.” Silence followed his announcement as passengers prepared for the worst.

“Oh God,” the co-pilot announced, showing the upcoming barn.

A pilot’s worst nightmare. He hoped there were no people inside or, even worse, something explosive. The ones in the cockpit braced for the inevitable impact.

I wrote this inspired by this week’s prompt by Friday fictioneers.


17 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: Trouble in the sky

    1. That must have been an awful experience. I was watching a programme called seconds from disaster (National Geographic) about the crash of the Concord. The poor man that looked out of the window of his office to see flaming Concord coming towards him only to watch it hit the building next door. Terrible things happen to ordinary people sadly. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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