This week’s stream of consciousness Saturday prompt was all about finding words containing ght, so here we go!
Michael walked up behind Alice who seemed to be some kind of trance and tapped her on the shoulder.
She spun round in both surprise and fright. “Jesus, what on earth did you do that for?”
He held his hands up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wondered if you were all right because you look like you do what you doing.”
Alice frowned at him. “Get that light out of my face right now.” When he lowered the torch she continued, “it is way too bright for this moment. I want to soak up the beauty of the moonlight.”
“Don’t you have eyes? Look at the beauty of the full moon shining up there so high in the heavens.”
“Very pretty, but, come along and head back to the campsite. It is midnight and a bit late for looking up.”
“No better time to look than the witching hour.”


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