Story a day: Day twenty-five

We have reached day twenty-five of the story a day challenge and today’s prompt is:

Today were looking at point of you again, but in a slightly different way

The prompt

Pick a point of view you don’t usually use and write a story in it

Now, this is actually quite simple to choose because I have never actually written a story in the second person. The reason for this as I’m not sure that I could actually pull this off, but let’s give it a go with the start of my work in progress.

Feel free to let me know whether this works or not (guessing at not, LOL)


You looked around the darkness that existed within a sleeping mind and gave a smile at the familiarity of the scene. It was like you were not used to building a dream because it was an everyday experience for you. You became a dream Walker when you were thirteen, and now you were approaching thirty. There was only one thing that was different about today, and that was set you were in the mind of a dream Guardian. You were the only Walker that has ever been in this position and it was enough to make you proud.

The room took shape around you in the same way that it always did and curiosity got the better of you so you had to call in the dreamer before you had completed the scene. This was something that was never recommended but confidence is flowing through your veins because you were achieving the unknown. At a snap of your fingers the room burst into light and you found yourself looking at the figure of a young native American. He did not look any older than sixteen which was a shame because it could somehow impeach on the ability would have to make him work. Well, too late now because you could not undo the trap he had stumbled into.

Piercing blue eyes looked at you in a real version of hatred. This did nothing but make you smirk. Anger flashed in his face as he demanded the question, “Who are you?”

The question made you lift an eyebrow for the simple reason that it is not the one that you were expecting him to ask you. “I would have thought the better question would be where are you. But, since you do not seem bothered by what your location is, I will answer that question you asked. My name is Warren Forbes, but I very much doubt that you have heard of me.”

You burst out laughing as he began to flap his wings in an attempt to return himself to the spirit world. This had been made impossible for him but the poor boy did not seem to be able to work this one out in his head.

“In case you haven’t worked it out by, those wings of yours are useless. I am enjoying the experience of being able to talk to a Dream Guardian who is powerless against me.”

“I don’t understand…”

There was nothing else to do but to roll your eyes as she realised that you were going to have to explain everything to him.  “My dear boy, this is your dream that is why you are unable to break free.” The moment that he realised he had become mortal was the moment you wanted to do a fist pump. The panic on his face gave you a real feeling of pleasure and triumph.

“That’s impossible.”

“And yet here you are.”


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