FFfAW: Little restorer


This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ for our photo prompt!

The young artist was so proud of himself as he looked up at the great fresco that covered the ceiling. For the last two months, he had been part of the team painfully restoring the paint that was cracking and fading.

Now that the work was complete he really thought that he had a chance impressing the girl that had caught his eye within the building. There was some confidence about his movements as he walked over to her. “What would you say if I told you that I painted that?”

“I would call you a liar, obviously.” She had not even looked up at him before she had delivered the rejection.

“I don’t mean originally. I was part of the team restoring it.”

“Then maybe you should have told me that.” Finally, she looked up at him. “Restoration is a better impression to make than telling people you are long dead!”

He stood there for the longest time, not knowing what to do next.

She rolled her eyes. “Ask me out then, little restorer!”
Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

16 thoughts on “FFfAW: Little restorer

  1. I like this girl. She’s smart, clever, and has bite. If he can be truthful with her, I think he’s got a keeper. Although, how you presented her, makes me think honesty is quite important to her as a value.

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