WW: What once was lost…

I spent my childhood with everybody willingly pointing out my difference at every given opportunity. It was not like they were pointing it out as a good thing. Instead, they seem to tell me I was useless. It was bad enough growing up in an orphanage, but my lack of arms made me stand out [...]

Monday journal – 3rd October 2016

I have not done this for a while so I thought I would get back into it and catch everybody up with where I am recently. My work in progress is coming along very nicely and is actually just reached the goal of 100,000 words. There is a bit more to go so knows where [...]

SPF: Discovery

The telephone rang and the sudden noise made John jump nearly out of his skin. He had been deeply engrossed in a book and so, while he recovered, John glared at the phone which had broken the silence. He snatched it up. “What?” There was a pause at the other end. “Bad time?” “Not really [...]

Monday journal… 6 June 2016

Okay, it is a Monday and I have decided to restart my Monday journal. It was nothing to do with not managing to make any progress that I stopped, the reason that I actually stopped updating this was because I was concentrating on the story a day challenge that I was taking part in during [...]