Song lyric Sunday: hometowns

So, for this week’s song lyric Sunday they have asked us to find a song about our hometowns or somewhere that we relate to.

My first thought was ‘bright lights, big city’ by 30 seconds to Mars, but they wrote this song about LA. I have only been there one time and was there for less than 24 hours so it doesn’t count! Even though it was my first taste of America!

Then I tried to think about my favourite place to go in America, which is Las Vegas. This is mentioned in many songs, but the most famous one is probably Viva Las Vegas, and there is no way I will post an Elvis Presley song on here! I am better than that!

There is a song about the nearest town to where I live, but I can’t remember where I found it and it was a very good. LOL.

Being a Brit, I have chosen London. The most obvious choice for this would be London calling. Mind you, I would much prefer to introduce you to some music you may have not heard before. So, I give you Heather Nova singing London rain, which is a song that I adore. I hope you enjoy it.

This would be uncompleted if I did not include the song somewhere I belong by Linkin Park. I mean, what would a hometown be if it wasn’t somewhere you felt like you belonged?


11 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: hometowns

    1. She is somebody that has gone under the radar a bit. I discovered her because one of my family sent me a CD by her (I think it was her first album) thank you for watching and commenting.


  1. Great choice with Heather Nova! Love this tune! Las Vegas is also my favorite place to travel. I was married there by an Elvis Entertainer. Viva Las Vegas would have been a great choice too. Elvis was part of my life growing up because my mom was a huge Elvis fan.

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    1. I love that tune as well 🙂 I know it is not really about London, but more about someone she is coming to. Mind you, there really is nothing like London rain! You were brought up on Elvis? I was brought up on the Beatles, which really explains why I don’t like them either, LOL. Thanks for watching and commenting.

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      1. My husband grew up on the Beatles too. I guess I embrace my memories. My kids couldn’t stand Elvis because I played his CDs on road trips when they were kids. They don’t listen to him like I do but they’ve come to appreciate my feelings. 😊


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