Monday journal – 20 April 2020

Well, it is the start of another week even though the days are merging into one, let’s be fair.

Things are going really well for me at the moment (apart from getting used to this mouse!). I think I have figured out what sent my heart rate mad, and it was just the effect of the medication I was on. I stopped that today as soon as I realised and so I will see over the next week or so to find an improvement. Fingers crossed.

I am having fun with the games on my tablet, and with audiobooks. There is always Netflix and Amazon prime to keep me entertained! I have been trying to rewrite my chapter following the advice I received from my writer’s group. It just isn’t the same

Without the pub!

A new skill I will have to teach myself is video editing so I can carry on with the taskmaster challenge! If there are any experts out there, please give me an email on to see if you can remotely lend me a hand! It can’t be that difficult, right?

Not much else to tell you, really. Whatever you are doing, stay safe out there 🙂



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