Song of the day: Weapon of choice, fat boy slim

The day I have chosen the song Weapon of choice by Fat boy Slim. I could have picked this for song lyric Sunday yesterday but lyrics are not really what springs to mind when you think about this song!

Song of the day: Honourable mentions

Okay, now I finally got my Dragon Dictation to play along with me today I will get onto those honourable mentions.So, the theme for song lyric Sunday this week was danger/fears/terror/horror/nightmare. The main the song I chose was nightmare by avenged sevenfold. However, the following came a close second. Dangerous: Depeche Mode(just so you know, [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Danger/Fear/Terror/Horror/Nightmare

The theme for this week's song lyrics Sunday left me spoilt for choice. The prompt this week is danger/fears/terror/horror/nightmare. The choices seemed endless so in the end I went for the something that was probably obvious. Avenged sevenfold with nightmare. When I used to DJ in second life, this was one of my favourite tracks [...]