I am just that lucky!

You probably noticed that I have been missing on my blog for the whole week. This is because of a variety of reasons that proved just how lucky I can be with technology and everything else!

Because everybody was calling me through video chat, I decided that I would use my computer microphone and speakers instead of my usual headphones. Sadly, Dragon Dictation did not like this very much as it is disapproving of the microphone on the computer. Even though everybody can hear me through video calls, it decided that it could not hear me enough. So, I have gone back to my headphones so now whenever people call they will have to get used to me looking like Mikey Mouse!

Then I got myself a new mouse (as my joystick was playing up) and am trying to get used to where the buttons are. It is a vertical mouse, so the buttons are on the side and I need to learn to use it properly! (All good fun in this house!)
Not only that, but my internal computer has decided that the NHS isn’t busy enough and so it will throw my heart into turmoil! I haven’t called them at the moment, but if this carries on for much longer I will have to do just that. (Not a hospital, it is not quite have bad, but just somebody in the know.)

I am still here and doing my best to keep writing and reading! Right now I partway through blood of dragons by Robin Hobb and loving it!


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