A question for everybody about style

I came across this video when I was looking through YouTube. It has a very interesting point of view about the first-person narrative. As you have probably noticed, this is my favourite point of view for narrating a story.

Which style do you prefer when writing or even reading a story?

Why is that?

There is no way I disagree with anything she says like starting every sentence with I. The reason I am asking is that it is my preference but I would just like my writing to suit everybody who wants to read it.

Basically, I am a please everybody type of person, LOL!

That, and I’m downright nosy!


2 thoughts on “A question for everybody about style

    1. In my main story there are two characters and I write from each one alternatively. The reason I have chosen first person is that I have able to communicate exactly what they are thinking directly to the reader without them divulging that information to somebody else. I hope both of their voices stand out. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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