SPF: The arrival

Photo courtesy of P. Allman

It had been exactly one month since Gerard won the lottery. He had done what you would expect people suddenly gaining money would do. Gerard was now the owner of a very large house next to the water and had even hired servants for himself.

Now was a good time to announce himself to the elite. What better way was there than to host a gala? That way, the rich could showoff their wonderful yachts. He prepared all the invitations and got them sent out. Now, he just waited for the day to arrive.

On the day, he made sure that the back of the house was free of boats so the rich could park their yachts. He was inside surveying the work on food preparation and decorations. Everything was going according to plan.

The Butler coughed politely. “Sir, your daughter has arrived.”

Gerard looked out the window. “Dammit, Melanie!”

Written for Sunday photo fiction


4 thoughts on “SPF: The arrival

    1. Depending on the photo you may get a part two next week, LOL… Doubtful! I would guess that she would be in his bad books for ruining any impression that would be good on the social elite! Thank you’ve read in and commenting.

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