Seriously America? WTF?

I think it shocked everybody worldwide to see the scenes that went on in the capitol building this week. I get it, people didn't vote the way you did, that is no reason to get violent. I mean, we had Brexit, which I never agreed with. However, I followed along with it because it was [...]


Okay, so my post yesterday reviewing the book good omens started some good discussion here and on my Facebook page. Lots of people were telling me that Neil Gaiman is a great writer so I will definitely read some of his books. It got me wondering who everybody's favourite author would be? Mine would be Dean [...]

Share my world – 21 October 2019

Okay, it is time for me to share my world with the rest of you 🙂 Everybody should join in with this one! Had any good conversations with yourself lately? Did you listen to yourself? And how’d that work out for you?   (Credit Allie Bean   https://thespectacledbean  ) I very rarely have a meaningful conversation with myself. Most of my [...]

A question for everybody about style

I came across this video when I was looking through YouTube. It has a very interesting point of view about the first-person narrative. As you have probably noticed, this is my favourite point of view for narrating a story. Which style do you prefer when writing or even reading a story? Why is that? There is no [...]

Six (six word) stories: Politics in the UK

I very rarely say anything political, but the whole mess in the UK just can't go ignored. I have devised six short stories (six words each) for you to enjoy. I know not everybody who will read this will have the same opinion, but whether you want to stay or go, I am sure people [...]

Rant: WordPress

I am less than amused. They wait until I get a website to go along with the previously free blog, and then they go and update. (To be fair, this update has been available for quite some time but I have just been forced into it). I thought this is going to make everything a [...]