This is my response to this week’s midweek blues buster challenge. This week’s song prompt is the Cult. She sells Sanctuary. I really enjoyed writing this one. I hope that you enjoy reading it 🙂

He smiled at me as he pulled up the car. “Are you ready to do this?”

It took me awhile to realise that the question was serious. He was actually asking my opinion on what had been agreed by family and friends despite my own misgivings. They had called it an intervention. I just called it interference. So, I looked at him now with, what I hoped, was a cold hearted stare. “Do I have a choice?”

He sighed and began to play with the leather bound steering wheel. “Darling, I just want you to be happy, and you have to admit, you are not happy at the moment.”

“Well, no. I am being pushed into a therapy session against my will. What part of that is going to make me a happy person?” I did not stop glowering at him, even after he looked away to watch his own fingers picking at the leather. “I just fail to see how this is going to make everything better.”

“Can you not just give it a go? For me?” He looked back at me then, and the usual sparkle in his eyes was present, although this time it indicated that there were tears behind them.

I could never resist that look. I began to toy with the sleeve of my peach cardigan before I glanced quickly at the open door. Who knew just what awaited me inside? My suspicion was that they were going to pump me with drugs rather than try and work out the root of the problem. I was paranoid that everybody was looking at me, that they would even turned to look at me on the street, and this made me unwilling to leave the house very much at all. Staying in, in turn, was making me depressed. The world was just bringing me down.

My husband took my silence as an agreement, and so he opened his car door and slid onto the road beyond. There was nothing left for me to do but watch as he walked around the car to open the door on my side.

I looked up at him. “I’m scared,” I told him eventually.

Roger put his hand onto my shoulder and squeezed the skin softly. “So am I. But, I am not so much afraid of what is going to happen today, more like I am worried about what will happen to you if we don’t get you some help.”


“We all know you are against that, so we are not about to let that happen unless you actually ask. Today, you are just going to talk to her and make up your own mind. Apparently, she is the best at what she does.” He put his arm around me as he led me towards the imposing building.

“I am not mad!” I cried out, as the familiar burning sensation tingled up my back indicating that somebody was looking my way.

There was a warm chuckle beside me. “This is not the loony bin, and I am certainly not leaving you behind.”

I walked to the reception desk to check in, hoping that inside these walls I would find some sanctuary.


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