Story a day: Abandoned

This is my attempt at today’s story a day prompt. I hope that you enjoy it 🙂

The Prompt

Write a story set in an abandoned location. It could be a foreclosed house, a closed-down theme park, a ghost town, or anything else. Think about the location’s past and its story, and use those ideas to fuel your plot.

The two spirits were drifting around the place where they had died. It had long since been abandoned, and now was starting to be reclaimed by nature. Although, admittedly, the foliage did not look quite right. Considering how many years had passed there was a lot less in the way of nature that you would have expected to see.

They walked from building to building and surveyed the scene before them. The silence that surrounded them was almost deafening compared to the hustle and bustle of what had once been a busy city.

Surprisingly, the two did not feel any sadness as they looked at the place that they had once called home. No words passed between them as they explored the city until they reached a long abandoned church. When they did, the female spirit let fingers drift over the dusty pews. She turned to her companion, a dewiness suddenly filling those almost transparent blue eyes. “Do you remember?”

The male spirit gave her an indulgent smile before he went to pull her into an embrace. “As if it was yesterday.”

“I can still hear the music.”

“I can still remember the dress that you wore,” he told her as he walked up the aisle, leaving her behind in the dust. “We promised that we would remain together in this very room, and, even if everything else has abandoned us we have kept that promise.”

She floated towards him, and began to lead him in a dance to the music that nobody could hear. “Even death did not succeed in pulling us apart.”

They lingered there for some time before returning to drift around the city that time forgot.


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