Here is my attempt at this week’s midweek blues buster challenge. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

I am finding it hard to write this letter. At first, I thought that it was going to be an easy process. I mean, everything that happened was for the best, and all those right reasons that we often discussed. Those conversations that ran late into the night. You were not believe how much I miss those, along with everything else.

So, anyway, the reason that I am writing to you is to try and explain exactly why I left. Ultimately, I had hurt you in the way that only a lover could. The very memory of it will always make me shudder in regret. It was the reason that I had to go, because I would simply aware that it was something that I would do again and again. I just could not bring myself to cause you any pain that could be avoided. It was simply to avoid this that I left you far behind.

Where did I go? Well, this was something that we had discussed. You know that I longed to travel and see the world under different skies. I don’t know, but I always thought that everything would look different with new colours surrounding me. This is not the case though, because everything is darker without you.

This has left me in Mexico, where the only thing that I crave at night is for you to come and find me and take me home with you. My dreams are constantly haunted by the idea that you will come and pick me up in order to carry me home on your shoulder. There would be no resistance, as far as I was concerned, even when it came to putting me on the bed.

But that is not to be.

Darling, I need for you to know that I love you so much, and always will. That is the reason that we can never be together. You will always cause my heart to ache in my need for you, but the most important thing is that you will be safe from any poison that I can disperse.

I will always be thinking about you, always dreaming of you taking me home, always needing that seductive whisper that you provided.

However, even though it breaks my heart to write this, we can never meet again.


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