Think that I am thankful for… Week ending 30 August 2015

This is my list of five things for the week.

  1. Writing. I have had a very productive session with my writing this week. Not necessarily my work in progress, but any writing is good as far as I am concerned.
  2. Reaching 200 followers. This is on my blog, and although some people would probably see this as a low figure, I am absolutely overwhelmed by it. I appreciate every single one of you.
  3. Family. No explanation needed for this one really, but the reason it is here this week is because I have just spent a day with them (Well, some of them).
  4. Scrivener. Yes, I have been outlining again and I have to say much I love this particular piece of software.
  5. Reading. I have finally started to make some progress with my latest book that I am reading.

5 thoughts on “Think that I am thankful for… Week ending 30 August 2015

  1. Well done! Your week has a lot more dot points than mine! I worked out why I haven’t seen your posts in so long. I made a Writer List and have been using that more than my reader. I have no idea why I missed you. It is fixed now though 🙂

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      1. You were actually one of the first people I met in the blogging world. I was wondering where you had got to! It wasn’t you … it was me! 🙂

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