Book review… Payback – Kimberly Chambers

This is the story of one family, the Butlers, who lived in London in the late 70s early 80s. Well, they lived there for longer than that the story does not really begin until the late 70s. Anyway, the family is a notorious family such as the Krays. The main focus of the story is [...]

Things I am thankful for… 30 December 2015

We have reached the middle of another week and it is time to tell you the things that I am grateful for this week. So, here are my five things for the week: Friends/followers/connections: yes, this would be everybody that I managed to get in touch with during the week. I really enjoy reading updates [...]

Things I am thankful for… Week ending 16 August 2015

This is my list of five things for this week: Readers. I have had an amazing amount of readers of my blog this week. I have also unleashed the first section of my book to beta readers, and excitedly await the feedback. I have already had feedback on the first chapter, and it has certainly [...]