In this room

This is my attempt at this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. This is a pretty difficult picture to write anything about, but I thought that I would give it a go. This is what I have come up with.


“This is a bit of a mystery room,” our guide explains as we follow her into one of the rooms of the house. It is a Roman place, so, obviously, the guide is dressed suitably in period costume. “It is a mystery because we do not know exactly what this room was used for. Please, watch your step as we go further inside as there is a hole in the middle of the floor that leads down to the basement. Anyway, the working theory is that this room had some kind of ceremonial purpose and the view to the basement allowed the priests to see the sacrifices before selecting who was to die the next day.”

Everybody followed her as she left the room behind and I could hear her voice drifting back as she launched into the explanation of what the next room was about. I could not explain why, but I was drawn towards the hole where I peered into the darkness.

I saw a body that looked like it had just been thrown. Hands pushed me forwards, and, as I fell, I knew there must be somebody wanting me dead in that house.

Nobody heard me scream.

8 thoughts on “In this room

  1. Decent effort.

    You said you struggled to write a story for the picture, that can happen. My only advice would be not to take the picture too literally. If you do the stories rarely work – can sound awkward and contrived. I’d take any picture prompt and almost remove it from it’s surroundings i.e. the picture above is simply people and a hole in the ground. If you try to include everything i.e write a story about that hole and those people in that room, it will be very difficult not to come up with something which doesn’t feel forced. If you’re still struggling pick out one part of the picture i.e the people or the hole.



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