This is my response to this week’s midweek blues buster challenge which can be seen here.


There was no other way to describe the feelings running around inside her head. She knew exactly what it was that she wanted and she was going to stop at nothing. You could see the sweat dripping down her body as she contemplated the act in front of her. There were a certain amount of nerves tingling through her system because she had not done this before.

Well, there was a first time for everything.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was surprised by her own appearance. She almost looked like she did on every other day. The only difference was in her eyes, which were wider than they were before. Wider and greener. She was certainly impressed by the illusion that make up could perform on her skin. Those eyes almost looked like they belonged in an anime cartoon, or maybe on a cat.

Yes, that is what she looked like. A cat that was going to sneak in somewhere unseen, as well as unheard. She stroked her clothing, fingers easily slide over the silky material. She could have purred at the sensation that the simple movement sent up her arms.

This creature of the night thing was really starting to suit her.

One final glance in the mirror to hold her that it was time to put her plans into action. She padded from the room as silently as she could. There was no way that she wanted to be discovered this early on. She crept onwards towards her target. She bounded a doorway and stared towards her prize.

Mine, all mine.

She bit her lip in anticipation of what was to come. Her fingers were shaking as they reached to pull open the doorway that separated her from her chosen subject. She had worked so hard in deciding what choice to make, and right now it was about to become a reality.

Those green eyes appeared to flash red as a new source of light ran across them. Those questing fingers reached to grab hold of her target. She just stood gazing at it for a long time before she opened her mouth to receive it.

Savour it.

There was no stopping her now as she greedily took as much into her mouth as she could. She sank to her knees with a moan of delight.

Damn, those midnight cakes were the best. Why had she never tried this before?


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