Daughter of the time – Sarah Woodbury

I originally bought this book because it was free on Amazon. It is not like anything that I have ever read, but I decided to give it a go. I am not really into time travel stories, and Welsh history is something that I have very much not familiar with.

However, I did find this story very interesting when I read it. This is told from the perspectives of Meg (who is the time traveller) and Llewellyn (the Prince of Wales). She travels back through time by having a car crash and somehow falling out of modern time and landing in the Middle Ages. She has travelled with a young daughter, Anna. She is saved from the Marsh where she landed by the Prince who then claims her as his own.

When she comes to terms with the fact that she is in the Middle Ages she seems to cope okay. She then decides that she should tell Llewellyn that she is from the future. He takes this very well, even when she tells him how and when he is going to die. They then decide that they are going to marry each other (even though it is not official because the Pope would not bless the marriage). Meg then discovers that she is pregnant, but is slightly worried about what is going to happen to her as there is no medical assistance in the Middle Ages.

The main story though, would be the romance between Llewellyn and Meg. This is actually told really well because even though it is quick, he tells her that she belongs to him within hours of finding her, it is told with her cynicism and having a relationship stretching time. She has also just come out of a brilliant bad relationship where she was getting beaten.

Meanwhile, Anna, seems to fit into the Middle Ages very quickly and easily. Probably a bit too easily for my liking.

All in all though I would say that this is a very good story, and will hook you because you want to know what happens next, and between the two of them in general. It is a very readable book, and, once you get into it, it is quite a quick read. I gave this four out of five stars, and will probably find the time to look up the sequels.

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