Mandy Journal – 15 December 2020

Hello everybody!

Just to let everybody know that I am still out there and attempting to continue with writing! All I need now is for actual life to go away and let me get on with things. (Also a leg amputation would be helpful, LOL!)

This is all very good for my reading, and right now I am halfway through storm front, which I am enjoying very much. I schedule little bones to be my next read, so there is something to look forward to!

I have scheduled my writing Wednesday posts to appear tomorrow, although at that point it will be at an appointment so who knows if I will get the time to write to my own response! Let’s hope so!

Anyway, my New Year’s resolution will be to post regularly on this page and keep everybody entertained. Let me know what your New Year’s resolution is going to be. Although I am guessing most of you will just be happy to see the back of 2020!

That is everything to catch you up on the not very much that has been going on in my life! Until next year, stay safe out there!


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