WW – Heart and soul

This was it. The combination of all my work was just about to get released into the public domain. I had poured my heart and soul into all the pages. I rested my hand smooth cover of the newly published book and let the last moments of doubt and panic rush through my mind. Is [...]

WW: world destroyed

When she first heard the news, the glass she was holding slipped from my fingers and shattered on the tiled surface of the kitchen floor. It might as well have been some kind of metaphor for what she actually felt. Her eyes remained fixed on the television and the news of an explosion in the [...]

WW: Darkness

Written for writing Wednesday When darkness falls, there are many things that come to life. Some of them are not the friendliest things, and some of them exist only within our minds. Human imagination is the most glorious of things and it is when the lights go out that it reaches full potential. This is [...]

WW: A Problem

We all have one. Something or someone that impedes achieving what you want. I am a writer, so mine is procrastination. You know, I’ll do it tomorrow. There's plenty of time. Those little lies that you tell yourself within your mind. The problem is not procrastination, but really is self-doubt. I wrote this in response [...]

Writing Wednesday: Revolution

It all began so slowly that no one even knew what was going on until it was too late. It started off with extra police because of the rise in violent crime. Of course, the thing that was not reported was the true statistics. It would have shown that there was no rise, the only [...]