Review: the cyborg tinkerer – Meg LaTorre

The Cyborg Tinkerer 1 The Curious Case of the Cyborg Circus:  LaTorre, Meg: Books

I follow a YouTube channel called iWriterly, which is hosted by Meg LaTorre. This year she produced her debut novel called the cyborg tinkerer. Because I follow that channel and was interested in reading her work, I invested in the novel. The other reason I read it was because my interest in steam punk, so the idea of a story set in a steam punk world was very interesting to me. I knew from the little she had said about it it involved romance and some sexual content. I also knew that the love interests were both male and female, making this an LBGQT plus work. I do not have a problem with any of that, and I was definitely looking forward to reading this.
The basic plot (no spoilers here) is that a ship tinkerer (basically an engineer) has been told that she has a fatal brain tumour and doesn’t have long to live. When she reaches the place, she is going to spend her final days she learns that the cyborg circus is in town. There has been a law prohibiting the creation of cyborg technology, along with new cyborgs and that the ruling of a new emperor. It surprises her that the circus is still performing and out of curiosity she goes to watch. Once there, Gwendolyn gets to have a look at the different tax and is amazed by them. She thinks that they are like people in defiance of death when she appreciates. However, the authorities arrive and arrest anyone they find, including Gwendolyn.
In prison, they give Gwendolyn an opportunity to become a cyborg and be cured of her condition, although she would then become a cyborg. The person offering her this chance is Bastien, who is the circus ringleader. He pays for her release and takes her back to his airship where she will be given this life-changing surgery.
When the performers arrive they are greeted by the mistress who explained that they are going to perform for the Emperor, but they will choose only the top 10 acts for this. She gives no further details, but this is the first time that the Acrobat Rora and notices her. Realising that she is a tinkerer, they form a plan to seduce and convince her to break rules and make a new implant to improve her performance and make her one of the top 10.
They arrange a ball which is mandatory in attendance to everybody to go to and Gwendolyn and Rora decide to go as a date. They are both quite excited and enjoy getting ready. However, things looked like they will end with a kiss everything is suddenly stopped and the mistress announces that they will hold competitions to decide the final 10. If the performer does not make the grade, then both they and their act will have their contracts ended. To her horror Gwendolyn realises that this means anyone failing will have their implants removed for loosing their jobs. She also realises that removing the implants will be her responsibility.
There are many twists and turns after this book Gwendolyn is anxious that she will have to perform the surgery on either of the people she has grown to care about.
My major criticism for this book would be the sexual need Gwendolyn has throughout the entire book. (Not the sexual content, but it just feels like she wants a partner of any description at any point. For example, the first thing she notices about people of whether they are good-looking.) There is very little downtime between one or the other of the interests. When she is reeling from the betrayal of one she is just about overwhelmed by the sudden need for the other. It seems to move along too quickly for my liking.
That said, the plot is very intricate and well woven. The basic story is interesting and spellbinding. I especially enjoyed the character development that kept this interesting right until the end. I will definitely look forward to the next book. (I should apologise for any spelling mistakes with him the characters’ names, I have only ever heard this in an audiobook format rather than reading them.)
I recommend this to anybody who likes steam punk, romance, fantasy, and science fiction. I found it very interesting right until the end. I would rate this at 3/5. Even if you are only a fan of one of those things, then I would think you would still enjoy the read. Also, if you enjoy a LBGQT plus read above all the other things, then you would definitely enjoy this.


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