Song lyric Sunday: Brother/Sister/Sibling

This week’s song lyric Sunday is all about family. While not every family member is included, it specifically means brothers sisters, or siblings.

There are many bands that involve brothers or sisters (or even wives pretending to be sisters!) And I could have included any of them for this prompt.

However, I am going to go with an absolute favourite of mine. (This is because it comes from the best film of the 80s, the lost boys!) Of course, the film itself is about the relationship between two brothers and how far they would go to protect each other. So, I guess it is all linked in the end!

Anyway, enjoy cry little sister!


5 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: Brother/Sister/Sibling

    1. I am not sure about the artist, I just know it from the film. I know that the band Aiden did a cover version to go with the sequel many years later. However, while Norwich looking for the original there have many different groups doing a version of it on YouTube. The film itself does involve vampires but there is not too much gore as it is a comedy film. In fact, I think it was the 1st to mix horror and comedy. Thank you watching, hosting, and commenting.

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