Monday journal – 29 September 2020

Hello everybody,

Yes, I know well that it is Tuesday but things just seem to happen working against me! On the plus, I have finished the audiobook of dreams of gods and monsters so I will hopefully get round to writing a review of that soon 🙂

I have posted little on here, but I have been working on my work in progress so I don’t feel defeated this week! I am really enjoying this and already looking forward to NaNoWriMo next month when hopefully I can finish off the first draft.

Unlike last year, I don’t intend to ghost on my blog. I am hoping to give time both the writing my work in progress and posting on here. That is my intention anyway, but since I can’t seem to manage posting on a regular week who knows what is going to happen?

Not done this for a while, but allow me to drag your attention to the buy me a cup of tea link on my homepage. All a bit of sameness self-promotion, but we could all do with a boost of confidence now and then! Drop me a donation or not, no pressure! Just leaving the occasional comment shows enough appreciation 🙂

Currently, I am watching criminal minds, and I am really enjoying this as I dropped out of it when I left sky. However, it is on Amazon prime and I am watching season 13! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the show, and it is probably the reason I am always watching or listening to true crime things. Also on prime, there is a series called Utopia, and it is fantastic, so far!

So, yeah, I have become a bit of a TV addict!

Anyway, that is it from me so make your you enjoy the week, and, whatever you do, stay safe!


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